Flexiwood continuous LVE (laminated veneer edgebanding) will save the user both time and money by making it easier than ever before, to produce a quality product. Flexiwood most simply put, is a leap forward in LVE technology.


Traditional LVE by nature of its production process and formulation, is a very hard product and difficult apply. Flexiwood due to the special preparation of the veneers, which knowledge is gained over three generations, combined with its internationally patented production process and custom adhesive, is very soft in application, resulting in far superior product performance.


    Flexiwood being soft in application, trims better, provides a far superior edge finish, has excellent adhesion and will handle contours and radii previously not possible, opening new design possibilities.


Being soft in application, Flexiwood requires little or no hand sanding to obtain a perfect edge finish, saving valuable man hours and making it easier to produce a quality product. Using Flexiwood will vastly improve the lifespan of the trimmers and cutters of the users edgebander providing less downtime and increased production With Flexiwood adhesion problems are eliminated. Traditional LVE due to PVA or UF (Urea Formaldehyde) seepage to the outer layers, which rejects glue in application, requires sanding to remove the bleed through and prepare / roughen the application surface to ensure good bonding. As Flexiwood uses neither PVA nor urea formaldehyde glue and never experiences seepage problems of the bonding glue to the surface layers, Flexiwood will always provide an excellent bond. Traditional LVE tends to have memory, in that it constantly attempts to return to its coiled state, often requiring clamping of the last 10cm (4”) on the ends of a length to ensure a reliable bond. This additional time consuming process is eliminated with the use of Flexiwood. Tight radii, with a traditional LVE, especially in a 3mm thickness, are often just not possible in one pass and require a 1.5mm to be applied in two applications to achieve a 3mm thickness. This costly and time consuming process is eliminated using 3.1mm Flexiwood.


Due to it’s softness in application Flexiwood can be used in the smallest of edgebanders, even hand held units, and can also be hand trimmed. Flexiwood is a formaldehyde free product. Flexiwood provides high impact resistance. Joints are practically invisible and length between joints on the face material is typically 2800mm (9 foot) in length. All materials are constructed from full sheet materials, i.e. no jointed materials are used in any layers. Thicknesses, widths and lengths- Flexiwood is available in 1.2 / 1.9 / 2.6 and 3.1mm thicknesses and widths of up to 110mm in rolls of 100lm (328ft). The most common ordered width is 23mm (9/10”) and the most common thickness request is 1.9mm followed by 3.1mm.